GPS & Bio-Metrics

An authenticated device to keep your employee’s tracked.


Smartest Way To Track Employee’s Attendance!
Biometric makes tracking your employee’s work time in a smarter way. We do have an option of marking attendance through Fingerprint, Face reading, Access Card that enhance the standard of accuracy on attendance. A fastest and error-free salary process on timely basis that makes HR Team simpler.
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Cash-back Saves your money on each purchase!!!

Secure Your Vehicle and assets with our tracking system.


Safety by choice not by chance!!!
Tracking your vehicle, asset for determining their movement becomes easier by GPS. Route your properties location instantly in mobile. Moreover GPS not only gives information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction but also compute velocity. 
Assist your loved ones in security perspective that connects you.Find your choice of safety on top brands with low cost. Save your family or property from theft or mishaps. Maiya Tech supports our client from installation to service.