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CCTV plays a vital role for security right from Home to any public places such as Hospital, Academic sector, Bank, Office, and so on. It makes your belonging and your beloveds safe and protected. Moreover it helps to find the mishaps happened how & where. 

Category Of CCTV Cameras.

we deal with all types of leading international CCTV Cameras brands. We suggest you by providing a best brand on affordable prices to our clients.

Indoor CCTV Camera

Indoor cameras used in closed environment like inside rooms, offices, business places. It has a smart infrared lighting that makes a clear vision during night time. All variety of cctv cameras available (Indoor PTZ camera, Indoor Fisheye camera, indoor wifi camera etc..)


Outdoor CCTV Camera

Outdoor cameras used in locations like roads, home fronts, gates, business places. Outdoor camera serves with IP65 waterproof and comes with smart infrared lighting ensures clear vision during night time. All variety of outdoor cctv cameras available (PTZ Camera, Outdoor wifi camera, ANPR Camera, Verifocal camera etc..)

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera covers entire location by it 360 Degree view that helps to reduce your camera count of installation. Available for both indoor and outdoor with a zooming access of 30x with Night vision up-to 150m.

Wifi CCTV Camera

Wifi cameras are easily connectable to mobile, Desktops, Networks. Best For Homes and Office location that means all types Indoor, outdoor, PTZ, fisheye etc…

Dealing Top Brands

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